Allen Gets a Charge Out of Visit

Car trouble extended his trip to Penn State, which was just as well for the Maryland defensive back. He had a chance to learn even more about the program.

There doesn't tend to be a silver lining when it comes to car trouble. But for Marcus Allen, there was one.

The junior from Wise High (Upper Marlboro, Md.) stayed in State College Friday night ahead of Saturday's Blue-White Game, and had expected to leave at the conclusion of the day. But a trip to the parking lot revealed a dead car battery, which led to another night at Penn State.

And he took full advantage of it.

“It was nice to be here another night, and get to speak to all the players some more,” Allen said. “We had to get everything fixed, but it was pretty nice to be here an extra night.”

Allen spent a lot of his time over the three day visit with cornerback Jordan Smith and receiver Richy Anderson, both Class of 2013 enrollees familiar with not only Allen, but the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area in which he trains, too.

The Penn State early enrollees shared with him their views on their new home, how they felt when they first got on campus, and how they feel now. He appreciated that their insight wasn't phony, but rather how they really felt. That talked about what they really enjoyed, and did not just tailor it to what the junior safety may have wanted to hear.

He also spoke with both safeties coach Anthony Midget and head coach Bill O'Brien, and they were genuine, too.

“I spoke with Coach Midget, and he was basically saying everything that I kind of wanted to hear, and he kept saying the things that are real, too,” Allen explained. “Everything they're doing is great. I learned that he really wants me to come to this school, and he likes me a lot. I had a one-on-one conversation with him, and he wanted to hear my mind-set and I gave it to him straight.

“I think he liked what I told him, and he's recruiting me hard,” Allen added.

The conversation with O'Brien was shorter than it was the last time Allen visited campus, but it was still a one-on-one and still completely up-front. And that resonated with the Maryland prospect.

So, too, did the crowd on hand for the spring finale. Allen noted he was most intrigued on this particular trip to see how the Lion fan base was for a game day and came away impressed with what he saw.

Combine that with his ability to see how State's roster interacts with each other on game day, and how they play and play together, and he coined it a successful trip.

“Coming into this visit, I knew everything about the football and the facilities and everything,” he said. “I wanted to see one-on-one contact with the players, and get their mind-set. I got that by hanging out with them for a little bit. It was a nice experience, and exceeded my expectations.

“I wanted to see how the fan base was, too, and their fan base is outstanding,” he added. “It's crazy … after the game, I had little kids coming up to me saying my name and asking for my autograph. That never happened to me before in my life, and it was pretty cool.”

Visits to Georgia Tech, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Arizona dot his intended itinerary, though none of them are set in stone nor scheduled just yet.

But one thing is set in stone: Penn State will be in his recruitment for the long haul.

“Penn State … they're up there,” he said. “They're up there, and I don't have a top anything yet, but they're high and I do like them.

“It was great, to be honest. It was great just to hang out with the guys and to speak to them and talk to them about how they feel about Penn State.”

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