Q&A: DaeSean Hamilton

Penn State Class of 2013 signee DaeSean Hamilton answered numerous question from fans recently, ranging from the NCAA sanctions to why he chose State and more. See what he said on the popular site Reddit.

If you've never visited the Reddit, you're not alone.

Yet many do, and that's why Class of 2013 Penn State receiver signee and Mountain View High (Stafford, Va.) product DaeSean Hamilton took to the popular site to answer questions from PSU fans and the general public Saturday.

Among the talking points, Hamilton discussed the NCAA sanctions, what he likes about Penn State, the best and worst part of the recruiting process, and more. He also noted that he will room with fellow signee and Grayson High (Loganville, Ga.) defensive back Kasey Gaines, and that he will likely wear No. 2.

What follows is the question and answer portion of the thread, which totaled 234 comments in full. Minor edits were made to some questions and answers for grammatical purposes.

Reddit Question: I have to ask, how did the sanctions and controversy affect your decision?

DaeSean Hamilton: It played a major factor but I still found Penn State as a place where I would love to be even without playing football.

RQ: What's your major? Do you have a plan after school ends other than the NFL?

DH: Communications major, hopefully a job in front of the television other than the NFL obviously.

RQ: What do you think will be the hardest part of transitioning from high school to college football for you?

DH: Probably just the level of competition, because in high school you're one of the top players and in college everyone is a top player so you have to outwork everyone.

RQ: What school in particular in the BIG are you most excited to play?

DH: Ohio State.

RQ: What in particular do you like most about Bill O'Brien?

DH: I liked the background that he came from especially being the offensive coordinator for the Patriots, but I loved that he's an honest man.

RQ: What Big Ten road games are you most excited for?

DH: Michigan most definitely, and Nebraska.

RQ: What other schools had you been considering? What made you choose Penn State?

DH: I was considering UVA, WVU, Miami, VT, BC, Duke, Vanderbilt, Michigan State Illinois and schools along the lines of them. But ultimately, I chose Penn State because it had the best mixture of football and academics in my eyes, great atmosphere, WR coach put players in the league, New England style offense etc.

RQ: Did conference affiliate play a large role in your school choices?

DH: Yes! The Big Ten also has great games and I enjoyed watching those games as I was growing up.

RQ: During your recruiting process, were you ever worried about O'Brien going to the NFL?

DH: Yes, I was, and I was relieved that he stayed.

RQ: Would you have chosen another school if he had gone to the NFL?

DH: Quite possibly. It would have made everything harder.

RQ: How many visits did you go on to other schools?

DH: Just one.

RQ: This forum gets asked periodically by high school students a question I haven't seen a good answer for. How does a high schooler get noticed by colleges? Is there a way for them to increase their chances of being recruited? Did you do anything to help stand out to colleges? If a kid is 15 and thinks he has a shot, what would you tell him to do?

DH: If the kid is 15, I would tell him to put in as much work as possible to be better than anyone else, and he has to become a leader at a young age. When I was 15, I didn't even want to stay on my high school team because I didn't like the team, but he has to be the best player on his team for the most part and he may want to go to camps. But, don't wear him out in camps because that could hurt his time for studies. To increase your chance of being recruited, you have to have a good relationship with the coach no matter what.

RQ: I'll just ask a generic question: What's you favorite thing about Penn State that other colleges couldn't offer in your opinion?

DH: My favorite thing would be that the history there and the environment up there was absolutely different from all the other schools and stood out more than anything.

RQ: Now my question, who is a PSU player that you look up to? Could be past or present.

DH: Allen Robinson and Derrick Williams.

RQ: What are the best and worst parts of the recruiting process?

DH: Best part is the attention from people, fans and coaches, and the worst part is the media.

RQ: Tell us about the recruiting process. What did you like? We're there any negatives?

DH: I loved the attention and everything that came along on the visits and the food haha, but I hated the media and constant phone calls from reporters.

RQ: I'm curious what excites you the most about playing at PSU (besides the white-outs and awesome Home Field Advantage)?

DH: I think just the overall experience of Penn State is what I'm looking forward to the most and being a part of the atmosphere.

RQ: Are you excited to get to play with blue-chipper Christian Hackenberg? As a former hs football player I know that I would be more than excited to play with a guy witht he potential that Hackenberg has.

DH: Yeah, me and hack are looking forward to building a good relationship in our time up there!

RQ: After the sanctions were put on Penn State, Are you worried that it is going to affect your chances at the NFL? Because of the bowl games missed and ect.

DH: I was worried and there still will be a bit of worry in the years to come but that obviously means I have a great coach that's a hot commodity.

RQ: Realistically, how good of a team do you think Penn State will be this year?

DH: I see no drop off from last year's team to this year.

RQ: With the limited scholarships available, how much did the opportunity to play early effect your decision?

DH: It wasn't a big factor because I always want to earn what I deserve.

RQ: Was there a lot of pressure from family/friends to stay in Virginia?

DH: More pressure from people in my school rather than anything.

RQ: Growing up, what College or NFL team did you root for?

DH: I enjoyed Miami and USC mainly because of Reggie Bush, but I'm an Eagles fan

RQ: During your recruiting process, how was the Sandysky issue handled? Did Penn State talk to you about it, or has everyone buried it already?

DH: Penn State spoke solemnly about it and filled me in about all the challenges that may happen during my time there.

RQ: What reservations did you have about going to Penn State (if any)?

DH: The only reservations was obviously the sanctions placed on the team, but it's only four hours away so it won't be anything too tough to handle, and my uncle played college basketball at Hawaii and pro basketball overseas and he's been a huge inspiration along with my father who was an All-State db in Illinois when he was in high school.

RQ: Is it surreal knowing that you're going to be playing for the same guy Tom Brady was playing for two years ago?

DH: Just a bit. On a funny note, my mom said that she saw Coach O'Brien yelling at Tom Brady on TV once while on my official visit haha.

RQ: What kind of workouts have you been doing to prepare yourself for arriving at Penn State this June?

DH: I've been on my strength coaches program for the most part and I've been working with a personal trainer about four times a week.

RQ: Colonial Forge is close to MCB Quantico, are either of your parents military? If so how was you able to find consistency in the development of your skills?

DH: My mother and father were both marines they've retired now after 20+ years.

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