Johnson Excited for Saturday Trek

Cory Johnson never imagined he would be being recruited by Division-I schools. Yet, near the end of his tenure at ASA College (Brooklyn, N.Y.), that is exactly what is happening.

Cory Johnson feels pretty good about his grades after the spring semester at ASA College in New York. And he also feels pretty good about his play on the football field.

Now, he wants to see how he feels about Penn State. And the defensive tackle from Pennsylvania by way of South Carolina will get that chance Saturday, when he makes the trip from Chambersburg to University Park to visit State for the first time.

"They [Penn State] came to my school and my coach said they were interested, but I didn't really pay any attention to it," Johnson explained. "But, two or three nights ago, our QB coach told me to get in contact with them, and I did.

"The coach told me a bit about the program, and that they want to see my grades. I'm excited to visit."

A 6-foot-3, 287 pound defensive tackle, Johnson first committed to Temple out of Chambersburg High (Pa.) in 2011. And although he never stuck with the Owls, he did learn something about Penn State.

From there, Johnson went to ASA, located in Brooklyn, on a whim, thinking an old friend was also attending the college. The friend never made it there, but Johnson did. He says throughout his time at ASA, he's grown not only on the field, but off it, too. He termed his grades as "good, because great would mean all As."

And as for the thing he learned about Penn State? Well, he could never quite learn it, he said.

"At first, I didn't really like Penn State. When I signed with Temple, I tried to build a hatred for Penn State, because they could never really beat them," Johnson explained. "But, I couldn't do it. I'm thrilled with the idea of possibly going to Penn State, though.

"I'm definitely keeping my options open with them, and if they approve of my grades, it will give me a lot to think about. It's a big school, and it's right down the road."

Hearing most from Kentucky at this point in the process, Johnson explained that the Wildcats are the program he is heard from most, talking daily with defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh.

He's absorbing as much from the college coaches now talking with him as he has from the leaders who have coached him growing up. Johnson said the key to his game is quickly grasping everything he is taught.

His size doesn't hurt, either.

"I absorb everything that I learn coaching wise, and over the years, my game plan has always been to use that, and be a reactive player," he said. "I'm a reaction player; I don't really study the game, I just get down, look at the play, and make it.

"I have speed, and am very strong. I'm looking forward to getting on a real workout plan. I think I've only cracked the surface of what I can become."

Johnson is unsure where the rest of the summer will take him, but he says he'll figure that out as the dog-days of summer unfold.

Saturday, he wants to see Penn State. And like many a Keystone prospect, he's intrigued to see exactly what the program he has heard so much about is made of.

"Being here in Pa., and in Chambersburg, you hear and learn everything about Penn State," he said. "I want to get up there and see the facility for myself.

"I've heard a lot about Penn State, so that's what I want to do, and go see."

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