Dowell Duo have Dynamite Day at State

David and Andrew Dowell are always looking to impress observers whenever they compete. That didn't change when the Ohio duo came to Penn State for its first Advanced Skill Camp of the summer.

Because they play different positions, there isn't much brotherly competition on the football field between David and Andrew Dowell.

But when it comes to competing with whoever lines up opposite from them, there is no lack of aggressiveness. It's how both ended up on Penn State's radar prior to attending its first Advanced Skill Camp June 1, and how both St. Edwards High (Lakewood, Ohio) class of 2015 prospects continued to impress on the camp scene throughout the summer.

Neither earned an offer from the Nittany Lions by the time camp had included, but David, the receiver and defensive back, and Andrew, the running back and linebacker, both felt they performed well in front of State's staff. And they hope an offer comes from the Lions sometime down the road.

"I thought it was a really good experience to go up there and see their facilities, and compete against other guys," David Dowell said. "I learned a lot, especially from the coaches, and specifically Coach [Stan] Hixon.

"He taught me little things to make me a better wide receiver."

Brother Andrew concurred, noting that Lions running back Charles London helped him become a better running back in just seven hours of work. The junior to-be explained that the drills London put them through, demonstrated to the group, and showed them on film will all help refine the tools that him a better player.

He also felt he performed well, even if that accomplishment was overshadowed. Excuse that feeling, though. It was a conversation with one Lion in particular that beat out his solid drills and quality catches for the best moment of the day.

"I felt I put on a pretty good show for the coaches, and Coach London said he was impressed with my skills," Andrew Dowell said. "He called me and a few other select players over to introduce us to Coach O'Brien, and I had a few words with him.

"He said they would be heavily evaluating me over the next period, and that they would be keeping an eye on me during my junior season. It meant a lot to me, and I just want to continue to impress them. I felt like I had a pretty good day."

David also exchanged words with O'Brien, but the majority of his talking came with both Lion receiver coach Hixon and his recruiting coach, and safeties coach, Anthony Midget. He said he felt he impressed both men.

The recruit added that Hixon gave him tips on how best to get out of breaks and routes, and how to properly keep the cornerback off his hip, too, at the top of his routes. He said the goal on this day was to impress both his potential future position coach and recruiting coach.

The 6-foot-1, 175 pound David and 6-foot-1, 200 pound Andrew both competed at an NFTC event in Columbus, Ohio the next day, and made a trip to Northwestern the following Saturday, as well. Both explained that whether they are at University Park or elsewhere, their goal is to always try to put on a show and catch the eye of whoever may be watching them on any given day.

"From the first time I met him, I felt like he wasn't a loud person or coach that's going to do a whole bunch of yelling," David Dowell said of Hixon. "He's a guy that is going to teach you how to be a better football player, and a better athlete, while not being all up in your face about it.

"Coach Midget has come down to the school a few times, and [Saturday], I talked to him about school, and stuff like that," Andrew Dowell added. "We both got a tour of the football facilities, and now we know more about Penn State."

Neither has picked up a verbal scholarship offer yet, but both acknowledge there is plenty of time for that. They both know that their junior campaign will be crucial in the process of obtaining that elusive initial offer, but also realize a good camp performance can help.

The duo is likely to return to State this fall for a Lion home game, and in the meantime, they'll continue to grow, continue to compete, and continue to learn about the Lions.

"Penn State really stands out to me because its tradition is great," Andrew Dowell said. "They have had a few bumps and challenges to overcome, but their tradition is great, and it's a great school.

"I saw they had a brand new weight room, and they just reinvented some of the other parts of their facilities, too," David Dowell added. "I like their football lounge, and how they have it setup. They also have a tutoring thing for the players, which is great, and for those players, that's very cool. They have a lot of assistance."

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