Top 2015 DB Gets a Good Reid on Penn State

The Philadelphia prospect made a late decision to check out Happy Valley Friday. How did his visit with the Nittany Lions go?

John Reid prefers to keep a tight lid on his recruitment. The St. Joseph Prep (Philadelphia) 2015 defensive back has not shied away from his feelings about Penn State, though.

While an offseason full of lifting transformed his frame from 5-foot-10, 170 pounds to 180 pounds, his positive view of Penn State hasn't changed. In fact, it was only enhanced during a Friday trip to University Park for the Lions' final camp of the summer.

Along with teammates Jake Strain and Olamide Zaccheaus -- the former a defensive lineman -- the latter a running back, the trio of juniors-to-be joined some of St. Joseph's coaching staff for a day full of drills, improvement and chatting with State's staff..

Reid talked with the State trifecta of John Butler, Anthony Midget and Bill O'Brien, while also finding some time for improvement, too.

"It was really good, and a fun time," Reid explained. "It was really last minute, but I really like the school and wanted to see how the coaches coach. I enjoyed it."

Reid took to the practice fields outside Penn State's Lasch Building to get a first-hand view of how State's staff operated, and he wasn't disappointed. The key, he said, was that the Lion leaders not only coach theirs players hard, but care about them, as well.

He explored that deeper during his talks with all three coaches. He speaks most with Butler, but had the opportunity to meet Midget for the first time, along with getting to know O'Brien better.

The content of his discussion with O'Brien will remain between them, he said, but the dialogue was certainly positive.

"I really noticed that they gave their players a lot of credit, and the coaching staff are really good people, and I really like that," the cornerback said. "I learned a lot of different techniques, and learned how to fix little things. A lot of time, with playing cornerback, it's minor things, not major things, that need to be fixed. I really liked the coaching."

With more than10 offers heading into his junior season, Reid said he is unsure exactly what schools are contacting him or exactly how many offers he has. He doesn't think about it much, either. Instead, he leaves his recruiting process on the shoulders of Prep head coach Gabe Infante. The advantages of that have been plentiful, too.

It's allowed Reid to focus on football, and he's noticed increased offseason production because of that. Off the field, he became the first Hawks sophomore to join the school's "1,000 pound club" by turning in performances of 290 pounds on the bench, a squat of 440 and a hang clean of 270.

"I really like that my coach does that — I like to focus on football, and I'm not too big on the recruiting process, even though that's hard to do in this age," Reid explained. "He'll tell me what to worry about, and I just am able to focus more on technique and getting better."

A return trip to Happy Valley is possible this fall, as is another summer camp at a different college. Reid has yet to set his planes in stone, saying that he was never big on attending camps, but is considering it more this summer.

Penn State is firmly cemented in his recruitment, though, and will be for the long haul.

"With talking to the coaches, I can tell they are all good coaches," Reid said. "They know the little things, and really pay attention to details. I like that."

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