PSU Future Focus: 2015 O-Linemen

It is never too early to start looking ahead in the recruiting process. So we're giving the lowdown on Penn State's targets in the crop of high school juniors-to-be. In this installment, we zero in on the offensive linemen.

NCAA sanctions limit the number of prospects Penn State can take in its Class of 2014. The Nittany Lions have 15 spots open, and may be able to count a couple of early enrollees to their Class of 2013.

With 13 commitment already in the fold, PSU has actually had to turn away some strong prospects it might have taken if it had a full complement of 25 slots open.

If there is positive out of the restictions, it is that with so much of the work already done for the Class of 2014, Bill O'Brien and his staff have been able to devote a significant amount of time to the Class of 2015 (and even beyond).

With that in mind, we decided to let you know where Penn State stands with a host of juniors-to-be following the summer camp season. In our second installment, we break down the offensive linemen.


Offensive Linemen

Committed: None

Expected 2015 Roster: Wendy Laurent, Anthony Alosi, Angelo Mangiro, Donovan Smith, Tanner Hartman, Andrew Nelson, Noah Beh, Brendan Mahon. This list will also include Anthony Stanko, who quit the team but is taking advantage of an NCAA sanction-related stipulation that allows him to remain on scholarship and count against PSU's limit.

Names to Watch: A position group that will require the most attention in 2015 regardless of whether another tackle is added in 2014, it's also the position Penn State has spent the most time on in this cycle to date.

At the time of this writing, PSU had already extended offers to tackles Ryan Bates of Archbishop Wood (Warminster, Pa.), Matthew Burrell of Chancellor High (Fredericksburg, Va.), Austin Clark of Rockbridge County High (Lexington, Va.), Sterling Jenkins of Baldwin High (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Grant Newsome of Lawrenceville Prep (N.J.), Tristen Hoge of Highland High (Pocatello, Idaho) and Richie Petitbon of Gonzaga (Washington, D.C.).

Will there be other names to watch? Most certainly, but it's clear that this is the top echelon of players that State will target before moving on to other prospects.

Numbers Game: It's been discussed plenty that the Lions need to fill needs in the offensive trenches in this class, and it a more evident need upon realization that Mangiro, Alosi, and Smith will all be gone after the 2015 season, if not before. At least three prospects will be needed in this cycle, while four will be a luxury if space permits.

Looking Beyond: With State primed for a large contingent of linemen in 2015, it makes it difficult to project just how many the program might take in 2016. Thus, it is one of the positions that has yet to see an offer go out to a prospect beyond the class of 2015.

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