FOS TV: OB & Co. Visit Nittanyville

The Penn State football coach knows how to work a crowd. Dunking on a really low rim is another matter. Check out his fun-filled visit to Beaver Stadium Wednesday night.

It's a good thing vertical leap never comes into play for college football coaches. Because if it did, Penn State's Bill O'Brien would be in trouble.

On Wednesday night at the Beaver Stadium encampment now known as "Nittanyville" (and formerly known as "Paternoville"), the Nittany Lions' second-year coach proved once again he can work a crowd with the best of them.

A group of PSU players showed up earlier in the evening with dozens of pizzas as the program's way of thanking the campers. About 40 minutes later, O'Brien rolled up in his black SUV, parked, exited his vehicle with nobody paying attention, and entered the encampment in the middle of a student dunking contest.

The contest was stopped as soon as everyone realized the head coach was in the house. After chatting with a bunch of students, O'Brien was asked if he'd like to jam. He enthusiastically agreed, no doubt because he noticed the rim was only about eight feet high.

You can see the results of his decision in the video above.

After two … ahem … attempts at dunking, O'Brien signed autographs and posed for photos. Then he gave a speech, telling the students how much the team needed them for Saturday's home game with No. 17 Michigan.

Then he posed for more photos and signed autographs for anyone who asked.

You can check out the scene in our video above. Remember to click the expand button in the lower right of the frame for a full-screen version of the video.

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