#PSUvsILL: The High (and Low) Five

Penn State managed their second overtime win of the season against the Illini. Get a look at the highs and lows of this home game.


U-G-L-Y: Facing a team that has the second longest conference losing streak in the nation at 17, Penn State played consistently inconsistent and sloppy in a game that should have never been this close - and certainly should never have gone into overtime.

Flag It: with 11 penalties for 95 yards including the roughing the passer which allowed Illinois to tack on points. Penn State nearly doubled their total through the rest of the season.

Pillow Soft: The PSU secondary continues to struggle leaving massive gaps for opposing receivers to exploit and allowing Nate Scheelhaase to pass for 322 yards. The secondary's play was a big factor in Illinois hanging around and eventually taking the lead.

Lost Cause: Poised to punch it in to take the lead at third and goal, Bill Belton coughed it up attempting to haphazardly put the ball over the goal-line, giving Illinois the ball. Although it was the only PSU turnover for the game, it was big one that could have been a disaster for the Nittany Lions.

Step Back: Dropped balls, weak tackles, a missed field goal - it seemed that PSU regressed in nearly every facet of the game and played generally uninspired, particularly in the second half. Penn State has got to nail things down else they're going to be bitten by teams who are more consistent than Illinois.


Blew It: The Big Ten refs continue to miss calls that would seem obvious and are more often than note instrumental to the game. This time it was another late clutch redzone catch by Allen Robinson where he clearly had a foot down and control of the ball, yet the ref, a mere three feet away, waved him out of bounds. Another call Joe Paterno should get a node for for forcing instant replay.


Take It: As ugly as it was, it's a win. It was a positive that, despite the squad's struggles, they battled back, forced overtime and grabbed another victory.

Running Man: Aside from the ill-advised goal-line fumble Bill Belton stood tough and showed he is a lead horse for PSU, running for 201 yards on 36 carries and a touchdown.

Road Block: Although the secondary struggled, the run defense bottled up Scheelhaase, Ferguson and Young on the ground for a combined 89 yards (3.7 YPC).

Extra Work: Despite the struggles during regulation, Penn State played well in overtime, with Kyle Carter grabbing his first touchdown of the year and Ryan Keiser grabbing the interception to seal the deal.

Mr. Clutch: Allen Robinson was once again clutch when it counted, making a big redzone catch and grabbing 11 receptions for 165 yards. Through eight games, he has 55 receptions for 878 yards and six TDs.


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