#PSUvsILL: FOS Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as Penn State beat Illinois? We give you the lowdown right here.

Our report card from Penn State's 24-17 OT victory against Illinois at Beaver Stadium Saturday.
OVERALL: This game should have never been so close. But given where Penn State is, it will take whatever it can get.
Grade: C+

OFFENSE: After scoring 14 points, mistakes caused the offense to go into a funk. To us, that was a much bigger issue than any second-half defensive struggles.
Grade: C

DEFENSE: Prior to this game, would you have been happy to know PSU would only allow 17 points? We thought so.
Grade: B-

SPECIAL TEAMS: Sam Ficken missed a 37-yarder that could have come back to bite the Lions. Lucky for them it did not. Otherwise, decent play here.
Grade: B-

COACHING: The staff seemed to really struggle with clock management in this game. Also, it seemed like Illinois made much better adjustments at halftime.
Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: There is something to be said for winning a couple of OT games in the last three outings.
Grade: B

OTHER GUY: As bad as they've been, the Illini could have folded when they fell into a two-TD hole. But they didn't.
Grade: C-

OFFICIALS: Talk about the zebras taking over a game. In all, 20 penalties were called. Were they being paid per flag?
Grade: F

CROWD: After being a non-factor for most of the game the crowd came alive late.
Grade: B

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