#PSUvsPUR: Murgo's Weather Report

WTAJ's chief meteorologist provides his forecast for Penn State's home game with Purdue. It will be warm for mid-November in Happy Valley.

Hello Nittany Nation,

When the schedule this year showed three home games in November, it seemed that the odds were against us and that we would eventually have a bad weather game.

It's not going to be this week. In fact, the pattern will be quite mild for the month of November.

There should be no real travel problems to the stadium on Saturday, with just a couple of isolated showers, especially if you are coming in from the south. There will still be a slight chance for a shower for the pregame tailgates with temperatures in the 40s. This is cool, but really not bad for this time of the year.

The chance for a shower is also going to be very small for the game. We'll have a partly sunny sky. Kickoff temperature should be 52 and temperatures should hold in the 50s for the game. This will feel nice and mild in the sunshine.

Do remember that it often feels 10 degrees cooler under the stands, so a decent jacket is still needed, but you may open the jacket in the sun. There will also be little breeze for the game.

The mercury will drop into the 40s for the postgame tailgates and will stay above freezing for the trip home from Happy Valley.

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