FOS TV: Baublitz Ready to Teach

Penn State's redshirt junior defensive tackle will give up his final season of eligibility to embark on his profession of choice. We caught up with him after the Purdue game for the lowdown.

Defensive tackle Kyle Baublitz was a game captain for Penn State as it took on Purdue at Beaver Stadium Saturday. He joined fullback Pat Zerbe and offensive tackle Adam Gress in that role.

But while Zerbe and Gress both have senior eligibility, Baublitz is only a redshirt junior. And since head coach Bill O'Brien said he is honoring his senior class by making each member a captain for at least one game this season, it raised a question:

What was Baublitz doing out there?

After the game, we got the answer.

“I told OB that this would be my last year,” Baublitz said. “So he made me a captain for this game.”

There you have it.

Baublitz, who has started seven of 10 games this season, will wrap up his degree in education by student teaching at State High next spring.

In the video above, he talks about his decision to give up football following this season to focus on teaching.

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