#PSUvsNEB: The Low Five

This senior class deserved better than to go out in this fashion, but it was a game chalk full of lows that the Nittany Lions could simply not overcome in a 23-20 loss.

It was another ugly outing for Penn State, which has largely been the theme of the 2013 season. Unfortunately, every time Penn State managed to get some footing, they'd let Nebraska right back into the fight. Given the result, let's start with the lows.


Nothing Special: Can it get any lower than special teams? A missed extra point early on, a blocked punt, a 99-yard return whiff, an overtime wide right field goal. Special teams had a huge hand in this loss.

Broken Call: Passing on third and short, running on third and long, going away from the run game for the better part of the late first half. The staff did not have their most consistent day in this one.

Decisions, Decisions: Christian Hackenberg showed some nice plays today, but also had a series of bad decisions, forcing balls. His worst decision was opting to run on the final drive and losing yards to knock Penn State out of field goal range. The team seemed content to play for overtime - oops.

Primary Issue: The secondary continued to look lost at time in this game. How in all that is good can receivers have open halos of 10+ yards? Ron Kellogg has seen spot duty all season, but today the secondary made a QB built like a nose tackle have a career day going 20 for 34 for 191 yards and a touchdown.

Third World: Penn State's third down conversion woes reared their ugly heads again going a horrid 2 for 14.


Power Push: Zach Zwinak had another big game rushing 35 times for 149 yards. The only low was when Bill O'Brien opted to go away from him late in the first half.

Catching On: Aside from an inopportune drop, Allen Robinson led the receivers grabbing eight catches for 106 yards, but Jesse James also gets a nod for three catches for 56 yards including a 46 yard touchdown.

Crowd Control: It wasn't a full house, but with arctic conditions the PSU fans deserve a nod in this one for their efforts.

Flip It: The PSU defense managed to create opportunities with two turnovers, yet it wasn't enough.

Senior Moment: Despite the result, these seniors deserve the eternal admiration of Nittany Nation fans for their devotion and determination. A hearty 'We Are...' to these warriors.


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