#PSUvsNEB: FOS Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as Penn State dropped its Senior Day game to Nebraska? We give you the answers.

Our report card from Penn State's 23-20 overtime loss to Nebraska at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

OVERALL: Overall, we thought PSU played well. But one area (we'll bet you can guess which) dragged everything else down.
Grade: C-

OFFENSE: There was some good stuff. But this side of the ball never found any kind of rhythm. Have to wonder if the long season is catching up to the rookie QB.
Grade: C+

DEFENSE: We've bashed this unit in the past. But Saturday, it gave up one touchdown and two field goals in regulation. It came through with clutch turnovers. The best game against a legitimate opponent all year.
Grade: A-

SPECIAL TEAMS: We can't remember seeing this sort of disparity in special teams positives from one squad (Nebraska) and negatives from the other (Penn State). With even an OK showing here, the Lions win.
Grade: F-

COACHING: We're going back to those special teams here. It is difficult to play the not-enough-scholarship-guys card when two of the primary culprits in what went wrong (the punter and place-kicker) are on scholarship.
Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: Every time the Lions seemed to be poised to take control, something goofy happened.
Grade: D+

OTHER GUY: We still get the sense the Bo era in Lincoln is coming to an end.
Grade: B

OFFICIALS: The plus is because the crappy calls against both teams at the end of the game sort of balanced each other out.
Grade: F+

CROWD: We know it was not a packed house. But after spending time in the pregame and then at the end of the game on the field, we have mad respect for anyone who braved those elements.
Grade: A

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