Buchholz Breaks Down PSU Junior Day

The Malvern (Pa.) Great Valley 2015 end gives the lowdown on his unexpected trip to University Park.

Ryan Buchholz didn't anticipate being at University Park Saturday. But after Malvern (Pa.) Great Valley made an early exit in the PIAA District 1 basketball playoffs, he was able to make the trip.

The three-star defensive end already held a Penn State offer, one he that came on Signing Day because the PSU staff did not expect him to be able to attend last weekend's Junior Day. So instead of an offer being the highlight the 6-foot-6, 235-pounder trip, it was instead the chance to get to know the new coaching staff.

"The whole day was awesome," Buchholz said. "I don't want to speak for anyone else, but I'm sure that's the way every recruit there felt.

"There were specific meetings with coaches, lunch with all of them, a tour of campus, the stadium, and locker room, and everything like that."

One specific person who stood out was defensive line coach Sean Spencer, whose energy was readily on display.

"I thought he was a great guy and great coach," Buchholz said. "He was fired up about being Penn State's defensive line coach and being in position to get them where he wants to be.

"He's loud and in your face, and I like that."

Buchholz added that staff explained his build and film were why they extended an offer, and also that they made clear he would start as a defensive end should he choose Penn State.

That choice won't come for about a month, though, he said. Buchholz said he will in all likelihood schedule more visits before deciding, but where they would be was not immediately clear.

Until then, he'll be left with an impression of family from Penn State.

"Their alumni network is one thing they put an emphasis on," Buchholz said. "It's the largest in the world and all that stuff, which is pretty impressive.

"They emphasize the saying ‘family over everything,' and they want the team and our class to be as close as possible."

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