Archibald Talks Penn State Offer

Three-star Florida tight end has positive early interest in the Nittany Lions after chatting with members of the PSU coaching staff.

Bowman Archibald plays all over the field for Dade County (Fla.) Pasco. It's a fact that has helped him earn offers from all over the country.

The three-star tight end had offers from the SEC, ACC and Big Ten before Penn State offered Monday, becoming the 15th program to do so in the process.

"I have tons of interest in Penn State," Archibald said. "I followed Penn State since I was young. I've been talking to [offensive coordinator John] Donovan very regularly, but talked to [receivers] Coach [Josh] Gattis last night and he said he wanted to offer me a scholarship.

"I will get a chance to talk to [head coach James] Franklin in the next few days, I hope, but I have a good relationship with them and am looking forward to going up there and seeing campus."

Archibald is being recruited mostly as a tight end thus far, but also played linebacker, defensive line, H-back and receiver for 7-4 Pasco in 2013. He said he hopes his versatility helps attract interest an opportunities at the next level.

His do-everything nature piqued Donovan's interest when he and the majority of Franklin's current staff were at Vanderbilt, but the heavy interest has only just begun.

"This is new," Archibald said. "Coach Donovan was sending me letters previously, but now we are building a relationship. I like how real they are. They keep it real with you. They aren't just blowing smoke.

"Some recruiters, they blow you smoke. I'm the kind of guy that, I do my homework on it and see if what they said was truthful, and what they said was true."

Penn State sees the 6-foot-6, 240-pounder as a hand in the dirt tight end but also one who can flex out into space when needed. The junior added that the Lions' are looking for versatility, which fits his current mold just fine.

As for his interest in the PSU, Archibald said he has no family or other connection to the program, but rather a long-standing interest. It only grew as Gattis rattled off facts about the program.

"They're just something I've always followed," Archibald said. "I was very excited about Penn State, and have sincere interest in it. I've always followed it, and I love when they pack the stadium with 107,000.

"They have some intriguing things, and Coach Franklin has a good message and seems like a guy you could turn to."

Distance won't play a factor in his decision, the tight end said, and trips in the work to Kentucky and Penn State prove it. Archibald will visit UCF and Miami during the spring, saving trips to see the Wildcats and Lions, along with his first plane ride, for the summer.

"I could see myself going anywhere," he said. "My recruiting is wide open. At the end of the day, I'm going to choose the place that's the best for me. After all, I have to live there four or five years, and don't want to go somewhere I don't like."

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