Franklin Springs in to Action

James Franklin kicked off his first spring drill period at Penn State with a press conference to set the stage for his squad's off-season preparations. Video added.

James Franklin reviewed a myriad of topics from position changes to his goals for the spring.
Q: How did you prepare?

A: Allowed to meet with them. That's helped. Making sure the coaches are all on the same page. Making sure we're all on the same page. Every year you're always going to go back and clean some things up and adapt so we've done that and give the players installations. We do 15 installs offense defense special teams run game pass game and how we break it up. They were able to get two or three of the installs in written form before they left for spring break and also video as well. Install one of the defense may be cover 2, they'll get that in writing of what their responsibilities of and then film as well. Weird because we aren't showing them Penn State film but its the best example. We also will splice in some examples of NFL film as well.

Q: Position changes; need, film, or what went into them?

A: I think more than anything, need. Hard to really say that this guy should be playing this o that position based on what we've seen and evaluated. Look at overall roster, position of strengths and weakness, based on numbers, based on talent, for example we've moved Dowrey and Gaia to OL. Big part of that is when I looked at DL we had a four deep of scholarship players. Four deep at DE 3.5 deep at DT. On OL, we didn't have a two-deep of scholarship players. Felt like we needed to make some moves. Everytime I meet someone they want to talk about Hack but it takes a lot more than a QB to be successful on offense. It's played upfront on OL and DL and we're going to make sure we develop and recruit at those positions because you better be good at those positions. Think we are lacking the most at OT, typically like 6-4, 6-5, 6-6, you could get away with 6-3 guys if he has really long arms and I wouldn't say Gaia and Dowrey allow us to do that but it may create flexibility with Dieffenbach and others to create depth at OT.

Q: How much PSU film did you watch?

A: I think hands on experience is the most important thing. Watch tape, not sure what they are being taught. Like HS tape. That's the most important thing. We did go back and watch O D S/T and probably as excited about S/T as any team in the area because it you look at us statistically it's the area for most improvement. We'll play the best players - the film has been important but hands on experience most important thing we have.

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