Five-Star DT Settles in on PSU Visit

Manassas, Va., Stonewall Jackson junior prospect took in the sights and sounds at Penn State Saturday.

Before comparing and contrasting colleges to make a decision that will impact his future, Tim Settle wants to visit as many programs as he can.

The Manassas, Va., Stonewall Jackson five-star has already been to Virginia, Rutgers and Ole Miss this spring. Saturday, it was Penn State's turn to play host to the 6-foot-3, 310-pound defensive tackle.

"I really liked it," Settle said, "Especially the practice. I was able to see how [defensive line] Coach [Sean] Spencer and [head] Coach [James] Franklin coach and pick up the guys in a positive way.

"I liked the energy, and they all got to work in building something special."

Settle's visit to University Park was planned late last week as an unexpected road trip on his spring schedule. The junior said he wanted to check out Penn State and see what it had to offer so that he could compare the Lions to the 27 other programs that have offered him.

For their part, the Lions held their 11th spring practice before showing the junior, as well as a handful of other recruits in attendance, around campus. Settle spent the day with fellow Virginia native and Class of 2014 PSU quarterback commit Trace McSorley when he wasn't chatting with Spencer and Franklin.

"I met Trace at the [All-Metro awards banquet in Washington, D.C.] and we just started talking," Settle said. "He's a great guy with a great personality. I got to hang out with him."

Does McSorley's status as a Nittany Lion pledge help the program?

"I like that if I do go to Penn State, I know I have someone to talk to and hang out with."

The two conversed plenty along with Class of 2014 commitment Chance Sorrell, Class of 2015 pledge Jarvis Miller and Class of 2015 Virginia offensive tackle Matthew Burrell. The quintet could be seen taking in practice together, and also toured campus together.

Franklin and Spencer did make time to chat with the junior, though, and Settle said their message was clear.

"I was taking it all in," Settle said. "When [Franklin] being a former SEC coach, he's bringing the SEC mentality to the Big Ten. I think that is going to shock everyone and be a positive."

What is the "SEC mentality?"

"It's like dogs, man," Settle said. "They want straight-out ballers and top-notch guys."

Though he's far from a decision, Settle said Franklin and Spencer both informed him that they "want me badly." It's a fact that will draw the tackle back to campus, he said, at the next opportunity.

It won't be next week, as spring break will equal trips to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and possibly a school in Texas.

Settle said he looks for little things at every school he visits. From Spencer, he noticed a "great person" with a strong personality that "is going to take them to a high place."

The defensive line coach is an assistant Settle will remember. Yet, it's something else he'll use to compare Penn State to other schools as his recruiting process rolls on.

"Just the past," Settle said. "The past … they have a lot of [NFL] Hall of Fame guys and a big football program. Penn State was a strong program, and they've been here for a long time with a winning tradition."

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