Amid injuries and depth concerns, Penn State football has been focused on assembling the offensive line two-deep this spring. Get the latest on the unit's progress here.

Among the most significant areas of concern for Penn State this spring has been the state of the offensive line. The line had already taken a hit due to the graduation of regulars John Urschel, Ty Howle, Adam Gress and Garry Gilliam.

With the losses of guard Miles Dieffenbach and tackle Andrew Nelson to injuries — not to mention Angelo Mangiro and Anthony Alosi missing time for the dreaded unspecified reasons — the Penn State staff has been scrambling just to field an actual two-deep.

As of late, the offensive line two-deep has largely seen a lineup of:

LT: Donovan Smith, Brendan Mahon
LG: Derek Dowrey, Evan Galimberti
C: Wendy Laurent, Tom Devenney
RG: Brian Gaia, Andrew Terlingo
RT: Chaz Wright OR Albert Hall

Overall, the consensus seems to be that the first team has "held their own" through unit and 1v1 drills this spring despite "an early transition period." As one observer said, "You have some young, raw guys there, but there's also a lot of power." Dowrey and Wright are two who fall into this category. Each is focused on his footwork, technique and "leverage off the line."

Wright has handled the tackle position "fairly well" and "is off the blocks consistently" and "can pick up the rush."

Being next to Donovan Smith on the left side has reportedly assisted Dowrey. "He's learning from him and also benefits from the attention he gets."

Gaia, at right guard, has "stepped in pretty well," has "shown good feet and hands" and "has been handling the interior with Laurent." Laurent has also come "up to speed" at center. As one observer said, "There's young talent here. [osition coach Herb Hand] is really bringing them along, but they need time."

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