B-W GAME: FOS Report Card

Who made he grade and who came up short as Penn State's Blue trounced the White at Beaver Stadium?

Our report card from Penn State's 2014 Blue-White Game, in which the Blue eked out a 37-0 victory.

OVERALL: There were definitely some rough edges. But all in all, it was a fun game to watch once everyone loosened up a bit.
Grade: B-

OFFENSE: The depleted starting offensive line really had its hands full against some unproven D-linemen. Red flags are up here.
Grade: C

DEFENSE: The starting defense dominated. But it was facing a completely overmatched offense, so we can't give too high of a grade here.
Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: There were no live returns so it is difficult to rate this area properly. Speaking of red flags, though, a botched extra point is not acceptable at any time of the year.
Grade: C

COACHING: James Franklin and company appeared to do a good job of getting work for everyone who needed it.
Grade: B+

INTANGIBLES: There was definitely a positive vibe in the stadium.
Grade: B+

OTHER GUY: There was no other guy this week.
Grade: NA

OFFICIALS: The refs called only seven penalties and kept the game moving at a brisk pace after the first quarter. Nice job, men.
Grade: A

CROWD: Great turnout of 72,000 on the nicest day of the year to date in Happy Valley.
Grade: A+

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