FOS TV: Giant PSU Logo Lifted

Check out the 6,500-pound Nittany Lion head being lifted up to the back of the south end zone scoreboard at Penn State's Beaver Stadium.

A 6,500-pound Nittany Lion head was lifted up and into place on the back of the south end zone scoreboard at Penn State’s Beaver Stadium Tuesday. It mirrors a similar logo that was placed on the north scoreboard two weeks ago.

The latest logo — like the previous one, it measures in at 35 feet wide by 25 feet high — is much more visible to the University Park campus and nearby State College. In time, it will be illuminated by roughly 1,400 LED lights.

Tuesday’s lift began shortly before 10 a.m., and it took roughly 10 minutes to hoist the massive logo from the ground up to its spot on the back of the scoreboard. Two heavy-duty cranes did the lifting, with workers guiding the logo with ropes from below.

Once the logo was in place, it took roughly an hour and a half to secure before it was released from the cranes.

Check out the logo lift in our video above.

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