Four-Star Passer Camps with Lions

One of North Carolina's top sophomores made the trip to Georgia State Tuesday to work out with quarterback's coach Ricky Rahne.

Austin Kendall knows how long it takes to get to State College from North Carolina. A visit last fall taught him that much.

The Charlotte Christian four-star Class of 2016 quarterback received heavy interest from Penn State's old staff. He visited Beaver Stadium for the Lions' clash with Michigan last October because of it.

Penn State's new staff didn't let that interest relinquish, and further, asked the 6-foot-2, 200-pound passer to come to camp this summer.

With last year's travel in mind, though, he opted instead to camp in Atlanta, where PSU head coach James Franklin, quarterbacks coach Ricky Rahne, and the rest of the staff were working a camp at Georgia State.

"[Rahne] was really key on me coming to camp, and he said it would be a good opportunity for [us] to work together," Kendall said. "It was a good opportunity."

Kendall camped until 11 a.m. before leaving to catch a flight to Kentucky, where his older brother was going through summer orientation. Before that, however, he gave Penn State plenty to chew on.

The sophomore worked extensively with Rahne, evolving their relationship beyond phone calls, messages and brief chatter when the Penn State assistant would visit the school in the process.

Kendall said the two already had a good rapport built on chats every week or every other week, but added the workout was key in getting to know each other on a more personal level.

"He was really excited for me to come to Georgia State so I could have the opportunity to be with him and be able to work with just me," Kendall said. "He was really pleased with what I put out through the 1-on-1, routes and individual work.

"He's a real hands-on guy," Kendall continued. "I mean, he's a great personality, and he showed that today when I was able to talk to him."

No offer presented itself, but that could change in the future. The passer is slated to talk to the Lions' staff this week.

It's unclear what an offer would mean at this early stage of his recruitment, yet it would have significance to he and his family, if nothing else. Kendall's father and grandfather are both Penn State fans, he said, something he credited to an upbringing in Ohio.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the passer's father walked on at Georgia, but also experienced University Park during camps leading up to his decision.

"I'm definitely looking forward to what they have to say. I have big interest in Penn State."

"They wanted me to check it out during the season last year, and coach Charlie Fisher, I had a really good relationship with him," Kendall said. "I'm definitely looking forward to what they have to say. I have big interest in Penn State."

Kendall visited Clemson last Friday, and is considering trips to South Carolina and Georgia this week.

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