Menet Sees Nitty Gritty of Penn State

Keystone State four-star junior offensive lineman spent the past weekend checking out the Nittany Lions' program.

Michal Menet knows his recruitment will feature plenty of shiny buildings, nice stadiums, and football programs offering top flight football and academics.

The Reading, Pa., Exeter Township Class of 2016 offensive tackle pays attention to all those things on each college visit he makes. The people who tell of a university's history, tour he and his family around the stadium, and sit across the table in football and academic meetings are often more important, though.

Saturday and Sunday, the four-star was at a school with a head coach who is a people person, as Menet (pronounced "MEN-it") and his family spent the weekend at Penn State.

"It was real cool just to build all the relationships," he said. "It's really going to be about the people. Everybody is going to have the same kind of stuff, so it's going to be the people [who set schools apart]."

Menet and his family arrived Saturday for a barbeque at the Lasch Building. There, he chatted up current players, verbal commitments and the coaching staff alike.

Sunday was more about coaching, as in learning how offensive line coach Herb Hand, head coach James Franklin and other Nittany Lions' assistant handle business on the gridiron. He took part in PSU Senior Elite Camp, and asked a lot of questions there, too — of the coaches and the current Lion players who were working the event.

"Like I said, it's all about the people, and meeting all the players and getting their feedback on the coaches. Coaches will tell you, they'll be honest with you, but if you don't ask the right questions, you won't find out stuff," Menet said.

"It was nice to get [the players] side of it."

So what exactly was the message from the current group of Lions?

"[They said the coaches] are all psychos," Menet said. "They all want to win, and they all have the same message. They all want to win championships and accomplish the same things."

Franklin [and some of his assistants] has referred to himself as a psycho before, a marker of their determination to win and their passion to eat, sleep and breathe football. And Menet noticed it.

"[Franklin] likes to call himself a psycho with how he coaches and how intense he is, and I think that's great."

"[Coach Franklin] likes to call himself a psycho with how he coaches and how intense he is, and I think that's great," Menet said. "It makes me have high energy, and I think it will just translate throughout the whole team."

No future visits currently dot the junior's schedule, though he is hoping to add a July swing to see a few schools.

Those trips will be about the people, too. At least for a weekend, Menet saw what Penn State's people, specifically Hand, are about.

"That was probably the main reason for coming up here, to start getting a feel for him and his coaching," Menet said. "It's always just good to see all the other coaches, and start building relationships so I can see if this is a place I could see myself coming."

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