Special Approach to Special Teams

Charles Huff talks about the unique techniques he uses to teach his return men.

In the spring, new Penn State special teams coach Charles Huff surprised his return men by messing with them in practice. As they waited to catch kicked footballs, he pelted them with tennis balls. Or he rolled a giant silver ball into them.

Monday marked the first day of preseason camp, and Huff was at it again. As the punt returners lined up to field kicks, he gave each man two footballs. They had to hold those footballs -- one in the left hand, one in the right -- while catching a third ball that was launched at them from a pitching machine.

We caught up with Huff earlier in the day to ask about his unique techniques. We called them “crazy,” but meant it in a good way. He called them “technical.”

Whatever the proper term, there is a method to the madness, and he addressed that and some other special teams related items in a one-on-one interview. Well, mostly one-on-one. There was a late question from PSU staffer Michael Hazel, too

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