Penn State Pep Rally Video

Check out the crazy scene as thousands of Nittany Lion fans rallied to support their team in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.

DUBLIN -- Penn State Alumni Association director Roger Williams estimated some 20,000 Nittany Lion fans descended on a corner of the Temple Bar area here for a pep rally Friday afternoon. A local security guard guessed the crowd to be 5,000.

Our estimate -- after seeing the throng from the stage -- is more than 10,000.

Whatever the number, the turnout for the rally in support of Penn State as it prepared to face UCF in the Croke Park Classic here Saturday was impressive -- especially considering how far away from home all those thousands of fans were.

For Nittany Lion backers who could not make it, never fear. You can check out all of the key moments of the pep rally in the video above.


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