WTAJ’s chief meteorologist is back to provide home-weekend weather reports for Nittany Lion fans.

Hello Nittany Nation!

That the recent weather has felt more like mid-July makes it hard to believe that the Penn State football team is getting ready for its second game of the season and the first at Beaver Stadium. Changing weather is going to make this one a tough one to prepare to attend.

Traveling to the stadium should be uneventful coming in from the east with the exception of a few areas of fog. Those coming from the west may have showers at first, but they should pass up those showers before arriving at the stadium.

Remember to leave a little earlier as traffic is often heavier before the first game, specifically for a noon kickoff.

It will be warm and humid during the morning for pre-game tailgates with a mix of clouds and hazy sunshine and temperatures rising to near or just above 80 before the kickoff.

Right now it looks like a band of showers will arrive just after kickoff, which means that while you will feel hot before going into the game, prepare for some rain and temperatures to drop back down through the 70s during the game.

There is also the chance for a thunderstorm early in the game, something that the stadium personnel and officials may have to contend with. The safest place to be during thunder is under the stands.

Showers will tend to push off to the east later in the afternoon and could help to salvage some post-game tailgates. There shouldn't be too much wind, with the exception of some strong gusts at the onset of any rainfall.

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