AKRON: FOS Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as Penn State dispatched Akron 21-3 at Beaver Stadium Saturday? We give the lowdown right here.

Our grades from Penn State's 21-3 win over Akron at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

OVERALL: A lot of folks expected a bit of a letdown after a nice opening win and so much travel. A lot of folks were correct.
Grade: C+

OFFENSE: Three trips into the red zone for the entire game just is not getting it done, no matter how many total yards the unit generated.
Grade: C

DEFENSE: It bent a bit. But the only time it broke was following a PSU turnover that left the Zips with a short field.
Grade: B+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Nice effort from the punter. But where is this Nekton approach we've been hearing about? Jaws didn't wait this long to gobble up someone.
Grade: B

COACHING: We're still liking what we're seeing, especially from the aggressive defense. Fun stuff.
Grade: B

INTANGIBLES: This game seemed an awful lot like a cat toying with a mouse.
Grade: B

OTHER GUY: Terry Bowden's team played hard but just doesn't have a lot of athleticism.
Grade: C-

OFFICIALS: Bowden took issue with a key spot but the call held up on replay. Not much else to beef about here.
Grade: B-

CROWD: So James Franklin didn't get his 107,000. But the reported crowd of 97,354 braved some brutally humid conditions.
Grade: B-

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