CJ Olaniyan fielded questions on Wednesday morning. See what he had to say about the Akron win, Rutgers clash and who he called a "freak of nature" on the defensive front.

Here' a review of Penn State defensive end CJ Olaniyan's comments heading into the Rutgers game:

On Rutgers' running game:

"They have a lot of talent with the offensive line and backfield. They are well coached and come out and play hard. They protect the pocket well. Paul James is a good back no doubt. We have to make sure we have our keys ready to play him."

On the slow start on defense against Akron:

"Coach Shoop always preaches to start fast. The keys and game plan won't change for us, but we have to just settle down earlier."

On how this RU game is different than the first two:

"Every team has been different for us. The way we look at this team is that they are a bit more like the offense we practice against now and all spring. We just have to go out and play our game."

On the PSU defense not giving up big plays against Akron:

"I feel like the whole unit has been playing pretty good, but we really have a lot of areas we want to improve. We have to improve in every area, our reads, tackling...every aspect of the defense. Coach Shoop does a good job of having us focus on improving these in every practice."

On the emotion of Rutgers in this game:

"Each game is important to us. We love to play each game for each other. We get up every time we go out there. Every game is emotional for us."

On how Rutgers' offense is like Penn State's:

"Basically it's the formations. What you see is what you get. We just have to do what we do."

On playing for a bowl game

"It has a big effect on us. Coach Franklin preaches about giving 120% on every play and playing for each other, but now that we can play for something else -- it means a lot to us."

On the younger D-linemen:

"We have such great depth on the d-line. I have a lot of confidence. Wasn't surprising for me to see Parker Cothren and Tarow Barney make some plays -- they have done it all training camp."

On hat he expects from Rutgers environment:

"It'll be a great football environment. We love playing games like this."

On his own performance:

"For me there is room to improve. I want to improve every play and every game. But it's still early in the season."

On Anthony Zettel's transition from DE to DT:

"Zettle is a freak of nature. Me and him were talking about it; I know it was going to be a big year from him. I knew he was going to be successful there. He is so talented and so energetic. I knew it would be smooth for him."


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