Penn State-RU Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Nittany Lions pulled out a squeaker against former Eastern foe and new Big Ten brother Rutgers?

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Our report card from Penn State's 13-10 win over Rutgers here Saturday night.

OVERALL: Winning ugly is still winning.
Grade: B-

OFFENSE: This unit was just plain bad most of the night. The key word there is “most.”
Grade: C

DEFENSE: We wondered how good this unit could be when it started forcing turnovers. Now we know.
Grade: A

SPECIAL TEAMS: Allowing two blocks is not acceptable.
Grade: D+

COACHING: Some head-scratching stuff on offense. But what a job by the defensive staff.
Grade: B

INTANGIBLES: So much of this hinges on a quarterback who never thinks he is out of a game.
Grade: B

OTHER GUY: Some flashes of good stuff, especially on defense. But RU was a train wreck down the stretch.
Grade: C

OFFICIALS: Welcome to the world of Dave Witvoet, Scarlet Knight fans.
Grade: C-

CROWD: Nice turnout by the RU fans.
Grade: B

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