Decking the Hall With Offers

Athletic Washington, D.C., St. John's defensive end grabbed four offers this week. He knows plenty about one of those programs, too.

Even before Washington, D.C., St. John’s head coach Joe Patterson told Terrell Hall to call Sean Spencer Monday night, the defensive end had already heard plenty about Penn State.

The three-star prospect and Nittany Lions have PSU Class of 2015 commitment Ayron Monroe to thank for that. The safety has long been reminding Hall to ship Penn State his early-season highlight tape once completed. He did, and Penn State didn’t waste any time sending an offer back.

“I was very shocked because I was waiting on it,” Hall said. “It happened really fast, and I’m excited.”

The 6-foot-5, 225-pound junior has kept in touch with Penn State running backs coach Charles Huff and D-line coach Spencer throughout the process. Their communication was able to increase Sept. 1, when college coaches could contact Class of 2016 prospects on social media.

The trio took advantage of that, trading messages a couple times a week. Hall had met Penn State’s staff at camp this summer, and their directive to him — stay disciplined in the classroom and continue to grow on the field — was the same at Holuba Hall as it was through social messaging.

Hall bought in, one of many reasons the offer came so soon.

“When I called, first Coach Huff was asking me about my season and then he passed the phone over to Coach [James] Franklin,” Hall said. “He discussed how I did everything he asked for me to do at camp. He told me he planned on offering me because of it.”

He did, just days before Hall arrives at Beaver Stadium for an unofficial visit. He will be one of a handful of prospects in attendance for the Lions’ clash with Northwestern Saturday.

“I want to see how the crowd is, how loud it is,” Hall said. “I went to Virginia Tech, and I liked the crowd and the area. I’m planning on seeing a bigger crowd when I go to Penn State. They preach that a lot, and hopefully I’ll see how close the bond is with the players, too.”

Iowa and Virginia Tech both extended offers Tuesday night, Rutgers jumped aboard Wednesday, and many more are likely to follow for the versatile defender.

Penn State stands out early, though. All involved can thank Monroe for that, too.

“I learned at camp that the coaches are very fun and proactive,” Hall said. “I like the area, the way they all bond together, and there’s a good vibe about the football team.

“The football team carries the community.”

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