Penn State-Michigan: Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Lions lost to the Wolverines?

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Our report card from Penn State's 18-13 loss to Michigan here Saturday night.

OVERALL: Coming out with that dud off of a bye week?

Grade: D

OFFENSE: We get that the offensive line is what it is. But this entire unit fell apart in the second half.

Grade: F

DEFENSE: Once again, Mike Hull and company played well enough to win a game but were left talking about a loss afterward.

Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: The timing of the gaffes here were the most troubling. Two terrible punts late and then an offside call on an onside kick.

Grade: D+

COACHING: The positives from the defensive side were seriously dragged down by the negatives on offense and special teams.

Grade: D

INTANGIBLES: Michigan wanted to give Penn State this game. The Lions did not seem to want it.

Grade: F

OTHER GUY: Things are as ugly as we expected in Ann Arbor. But give U-M credit for making the most of Penn State's errors.

Grade: C

OFFICIALS: Only video review spared this unit from a comical blown call on which the Wolverines appeared to score on a fumble return. Everyone in the stadium could see it was not a fumble.

Grade: D

CROWD: There were apparently 113,085 fans in the stadium. Give them credit for coming out to watch a pretty bad home team.

Grade: B+

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