Penn State-Ohio State: The High Five

Penn State's primetime showdown with Ohio State has a series of highs and lows. Get a review of them here.

It was a tale of two halves for Penn State in their primetime Beaver Stadium clash with Ohio State. Here's a review of the highs and lows from the game.


Crowd Sourcing: The Nittany Lions' 12th man was huge in this game. They came out en force and forced some ill-timed timeouts for Buckeyes. The crowd came up big illustrating once again why Beaver Stadium is the best homefield advantage in the NCAA.

Get Defensive: Penn State's defense came to play and play they did, stopping a series of critical third and short situations. On top of that the defense grabbed two critical interceptions, Anthony Zettel's rumbling (and beautiful) pick six and Mike Hull's grab leading to an offensive touchdown.

No Quit: Sure there are many areas to be critical of with Penn State's play, but the team had no quit in them in this game and really dug in for a contest that many predicted would be a blowout. Even more impressive when you consider they had to basically overcome 10 spotted points from the officials (more on that in a bit).

Inside Slant: Deep in their own territory in the fourth quarter Penn State finally ran a slant to DaeSean Hamilton get from out of the shadow of their endzone, a play that took the pressure off of Christian Hackenberg and also plays to the strengths of the speed of the wideouts.

Shutout: Give the Lions credit for shutting out Ohio State in the second half and forcing overtime.


Officially Pathetic: It doesn't get any lower than Big Ten officiating...and yet they continue to top - er bottom - themselves. And they managed to bottom out in this game, handing an interception to Ohio State on Penn State's opening drive that Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge were shocked over. Oh and they let Ohio State's playclock expire on their first field penalty. Pretty easy to argue that's 10 points for the Buckeyes.

And let's not forget the Geno Lewis first down that was ruled short...and he ended up out of bounds and yet the clock continues to run. The call was overturned.

Boot It: Punting continues to kill the battle for field position. Enough said.

Runnin' on Empty: A pathetic 16 yards on the ground. Wow. It's actually amazing PSU dominated the second half considering the struggles they had with the ground game.

Hack Job: Hackenberg's awareness and mental clock are frankly shot. He had plenty of time in this game with his pass blocking but made many ill-advised passes (including a near interception on the final drive) and a series of horrible sacks. He's got to nail this down because it's killing drives. We won't even get into the wasted spike-the-ball play. Aye de mi. Aside from this, after the roughing the passer penalty late in the fourth Penn State's huddle and sideline seemed CLUELESS that the clock was running down inside of 30 seconds.

Broken Call: The play-calling was all over the place in this game offensively. Late in the fourth quarter with a critical drive needed the coaches opted to run early and often to killing the drive was baffling. It was probably fitting that the game ended with Bosa getting matched up with Akeel Lynch who was driven into Hackenberg for a sack.


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