Penn State’s Franklin Disputes Injury Report

The Nittany Lion coach attempted to clear the air on the health of safety Ryan Keiser.

Franklin on Keiser.

Penn State coach James Franklin opened his Tuesday press conference by calling a media report on the health of injured safety Ryan Keiser “not completely accurate.” He set about attempting to set the record straight.

Franklin revealed that Keiser sustained a broken rib and “a small bowel injury” in practice last Thursday. The coach went on to say the senior underwent surgery at the Hershey Medical Center to repair the bowel injury.

“Overall, he's improving,” Franklin said.

The student-run site Onward State reported earlier Tuesday that Keiser was in critical condition at the Hershey Medical Center and was suffering from sepsis, an infection, following surgery. The site said it “confirmed” the information, which it found on a Facebook page from somebody claiming to be Keiser's aunt, through an unnamed source.

The report caused widespread concern among Nittany Lions fans on social media and message boards.

“There is no infection. I wanted to make sure that we’re clear.”

“There is no infection,” Franklin said Tuesday. “I wanted to make sure that we're clear. Ryan's family has our complete support. I've talked to his mother, talked to Ryan. Our trainers and doctors have been in constant contact or have been involved every step of the way, and I just want to clear that up because I know how the Penn State community supports one another. I wanted to make sure that everybody understands clearly what's going on.”

Onward State is the same site that prematurely reported former Penn State coach Joe Paterno's death in January of 2012. It later issued a retraction and apology.

Penn State unannounced Monday that Keiser is out for the season. As a fifth-year senior, that means his college career is over.

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