BrennanCam Lite: Penn State-Indiana

Some cool stuff from the not-so-electric atmosphere at Memorial Stadium Saturday. Sometimes, quiet can be fun.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Here at FOS, we usually only break out the BrennanCam for the conclusions of exciting games in great atmospheres.

Penn State's 13-7 victory over Indiana here Saturday was sort of exciting. But the atmosphere, well, with a mostly empty Memorial Stadium, that was far from great.

In fact, it was kind of a unique setting. It was so quiet, at times you could hear PSU coach James Franklin yelling at the officials.

So we decided to offer a scaled down version of the BrennanCam for this game. Let's call it BrennanCam Lite.

It features shots of key plays, Franklin interacting with the officials over the clock (and getting a shrug from ref Dave Witvoet), Penn State fans enjoying themselves, the Nittany Lions kind of celebrating the win, and AD Sandy Barbour giving Franklin a postgame hug.

Oh yeah, and empty seats.

Lots of empty seats.

Check out the scene from the field above.

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