BrennanCam Bowl: Franklin With Fans

The Penn State coach had friends in low places Friday night, as he stopped by a get-together to give respects to former players and pose for photos with Nittany Lion backers. Check out the scene.

NEW YORK -- As pop-ins go, the visit James Franklin and his wife Fumi did Friday night will go down as one for the ages.

The Penn State coach was at a function for school officials near Rockefeller Center here Friday night, and on the way back to the team hotel decided to stop by a fan party sponsored by former players and just to say hello.

It was a below-ground-level establishment. And while he was there, the song "Friends In Low Places" came came on. Given that the Franklins had just come from an administrative function to hang out with former players and fans for a few minutes, it all seemed to fit just right.

The place was so packed that Franklin -- who went out of his way to accommodate posed shots and selfies -- needed a lead blocker to make his way out. Luckily, a very large (former) offensive tackle was available. Check out the fun scene in the iPhone, pre-bowl, holiday version of BrennanCam above.

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