A Frank Discussion of Penn State Recruiting

Get to know the Nittany Lions’ director of player personnel, who talks about the Class of 2015, goals for the Class of 2016 and much more.

The 2014-15 recruiting cycle was a grind for the Penn State coaching staff, as James Franklin and company put together their first full class for the Nittany Lions.

PSU was extremely successful, landing the second-best class in the Big Ten and 13th-best class in the nation. The coaching staff obviously deserves plenty of credit for the effort.

But so, too, do the behind-the-scenes recruiting folks, a group that is led by player personnel director Andy Frank.

”You know, Bob Shoop's our mastermind defensive coordinator,” PSU cornerbacks coach and defensive recruiting coordinator Terry Smith said. “Andy's our mastermind for recruiting. He pieces it all together.”

Frank holds a degree in engineering from Princeton, which must have come in handy since there were so many moving parts involved while compiling the class.

The Lions were still dealing with NCAA scholarship restrictions when the recruiting cycle began. Those sanctions were lifted in September. Then further relief came in January, when the Consent Decree between the NCAA and Penn State that led to the sanctions was invalidated.

In the video above, Frank talks about juggling the numbers for the Class of 2015, areas of emphasis for the Class of 2016 and much more. Get to know Frank and learn more about Penn State's recruiting approach.

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