Fans To Pick Penn State White Out Game

The Nittany Lions’ 2015 themed home contest will be decided by backers of the program. It takes the onus off the athletic department from picking one game from a less-than-powerful home slate.

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Penn State football does not exactly have a powerhouse home schedule in 2015.

So to make things a bit more interesting, athletic director Sandy Barbour is allowing fans to pick this year's Nittany Lion “White Out” game.

It is going to be a tough decision, folks.

The most attractive game on the home slate is Michigan. But it is set for Nov. 21. So unless you own a white parka -- or a store that sells white parkas -- you might want to think twice about voting for that contest.

So what's left?

We'll go out on a limb and say the following will not make the cut: Buffalo (Sept. 12), traditional rival San Diego State (Sept. 26) and Army (Oct. 3).

That leaves … ouch … Rutgers (Sept. 19), Indiana (Oct. 10) and Illinois (Oct. 31). Those three programs have combined to go 8-57 vs. PSU through the years.

You can vote at the link below.

As for Barbour, well, this is a pretty slick move. Because now, nobody can blame her for the timing of the White Out.


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