TIE GAME: What Color is Franklin’s Neckwear?

The Penn State coach has some fun with the media (and others) regarding the tie he wore on the school’s Coaches Caravan Thursday.

ALTOONA, Pa. -- On the start of day No. 3 of Penn State's six-day, 12-stop Coaches Caravan Thursday, Nittany Lions football coach James Franklin took some time to break up the “mo-knot-ony” of the press conferences that are being held at every locale.

Borrowing from the recent “What-color-is-this-dress?” social media frenzy, Franklin asked every reporter at the press conference to identify the color or colors in his tie. He went around the entire room, making sure to include everyone who was there. The race was not exactly neck and neck.

Most saw it as a combination of blue, white and gray or silver. Someone threw brown into the mix, but later recanted that statement. One soul in the room said purple.

When the voting was complete, Franklin's face was striped with satisfaction.

So what was up?

Well, on a previous Caravan stop, Franklin spotted a PSU deputy athletic director (who shall remain nameless -- cough, Phil Esten, cough) wearing a purple tie. Franklin was hot under the collar (in a joking way), and called out the deputy AD.

Thursday morning, the deputy AD, a graduate of the University of St. Thomas (whose school colors are purple and white), saw Franklin's tie and joked with him that IT was purple. So Franklin, who was not exactly fit to be tied, threw it open to a vote of the media.

Not that anything needed to be settled. But when asked to cast her own vote later, PSU athletic director Sandy Barbour -- who was unaware of the twists and turns of the debate -- also said blue.

You can check it out for yourself in the video above, which concludes with some funny material from behind scenes.

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