Loney's Take: Blake Gillikin

Check out FOS's thoughts on Westminister (Ga.) rising senior punter Blake Gillikin.

The Nittany Lions are in the late stages of recruiting for senior-to-be Blake Gillikin.

Westminster Schools (Ga.) rising senior Blake Gillikin has received five offers, one of which is Penn State. Other offers include Northwestern, Vanderbilit, Kentucky and Georgia.

Gillikin had a busy day yesterday visiting his homestate school, Georgia and then attended Penn State satellite camp in Atlanta. He tells FOS he did get to speak to the coaches, but didn't elaborate what exactly the conversation consisted of.

The Westminster standout was scheduled to visit Penn State last Sunday and Monday, but his flight was cancelled. At this time he has not said if he will reschedule the trip, but it doesn't look promising. As for a time table, he 6-1, 180-pound punter did say late last night he will make his decision soon.

If he does in fact decide soon, I believe that doesn't bode well for PSU. Simply not visiting with his mom and the appeal of staying close to home in Georgia may have the Bulldogs in the driver seat.

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