Penn State’s Zettel Airs It Out

The All-Big Ten defensive tackles shows he can throw a football, too.

Anthony Zettel has become a sort of Bill Brasky for the Penn State football team. Everyone seems to have a story about his athletic exploits.

And we're not just talking about things that have happened in his role as a defensive tackle, where he won first-team All-Big Ten honors last season after posting 17 tackles for loss, eight sacks and an amazing four interceptions.

“That guy throws a football 75 yards, hits a golf ball 400 yards and throws a 90 mph fastball -- and can kick the top of a big bag with a spinning kick,” PSU defensive line coach Sean Spencer said recently.

The difference between Zettel and Brasky is that video evidence of the former's accomplishments is beginning to surface. In the spring, a teammate posted a clip of Zettel tackling a tree. (See the tree tackle here.)

Now, we have video of Zettel throwing a football -- very far.

Zettel and fellow PSU DT Austin Johnson both served as student coaches at Penn State's Elite Camp Friday evening. Before things started, Zettel decided to toss the pigskin a bit.

In the video above, you can see he threw from behind the 40-yard line, over the 50-yard line and toward the end zone on the far side of the Holuba Hall. Johnson was in the end zone.

The first ball landed in the middle of the end zone, meaning it traveled about 65 yards in the air.

The second ball appeared to land just behind the end zone, meaning it traveled about 70 yards in the air.

For the best view, hit the expand button in the player and set the video to HD mode.

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