Ferns Seems Firm On Final Two

Despite national interest, the Ohio linebacker will likely only visit two schools before making his decision.

One of the biggest question marks left for Penn State's Class of 2016 involves Ohio four-star linebacker Brendan Ferns. Though Ferns has generally been quiet throughout his recruitment, his father has offered occasional updates.

“Well, it looks like he better get his butt up there to Happy Valley sooner than later,” Mike Ferns said, referring to the fact that the Lions landed two more commitments over the weekend.

LBs coach Brent Pry has had the most contact with the family. Though Mike Ferns said the PSU assistant is not pressuring his son to make a commitment, the family sees the class filling up, so “the reality is this is something we keep in mind.”

Pry's primary message is that the class is strong overall, but does not yet include a top-shelf inside 'backer like Ferns (or Maryland standout Aaron Hansford, another PSU target).

The elder Ferns said he believes his son will definitely visit Penn State and West Virginia before making his college choice. The goal is to get the big decision out of the way before the start of his senior season.

Mike Ferns also noted that his son has been quiet with the media because there is a lot on his plate. The decision earlier this year to eliminate what seemed like a key player -- Ohio State -- only intensified interest in the younger Ferns.

“I thought that was a huge step, but didn't anticipate that near every school in the country saw it as a opportunity to get involved,” Mike Ferns said. “If you can imagine, it made it much worse. Two days following telling OSU, he had to get a dozen offers -- basically anyone that had a degree with the word 'petroleum' or 'energy' in it came running. Some were far-fetched, almost comical, but others made valuable points. That was when my son went into a media lockout."

Mike Ferns said Texas, Texas Tech and Texas A&M are still recruiting his son.

“I know he is still talking to the Texas schools, but I doubt he will visit them before making his decision,” the elder Ferns said. “West Virginia and Penn State are his final two.”

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