Former WR/TE Sorrell Now Playing OT At PSU

Penn State redshirt freshman Chance Sorrell has packed on 30 pounds while making the move to the offensive line.

Penn State redshirt freshman Chance Sorrell has undergone quite a transformation from his days at Middletown (Ohio) High.

As you will see in clips featured in the video interview above, the 6-foot-5 Sorrell played tight end and even wide receiver at the high school level. But once he arrived in Happy Valley last year, the transition to full-time offensive tackle really took off.

The change actually began during his senior season of high school, when he bulked up to 265 pounds. By the time he arrived at Penn State in the summer of 2014, though, he was already at 290 pounds.

"It was a pretty smooth transition," Sorrell said.

And he never felt like he was behind the other young linemen in Happy Valley.

"When you go from high school to college, it's completely different techniques -- whether it's from tight end or wide receiver, or if you have been playing offensive line your entire life," he explained.

Sorrell still tips the scales at 290, but he is stronger and has a lower percentage of body fat than he did a year ago. To maintain the weight -- and ideally get up to about 300 by the time the season arrives -- the training staff is stuffing him with 450 grams of protein per day.

"It's tough to do, but I keep going," Sorrell said.

Coming out of spring ball and through the early parts of the preseason, Sorrell was running at second team left tackle behind junior college transfer Paris Palmer. Though the two are competing for playing time, Sorrell said they have developed a bond and push to make one another better.

"I like Paris, we're friends," Sorrell said.

Get to know the redshirt freshman and learn about his transformation from WR/TE to OT in the video above.

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