Franklin: DT Zettel is "Somewhat Strange"

Penn State coach James Franklin has fun talking about All-Big Ten DT and social media phenomena Anthony Zettel. He means "strange" in a "very lovable way.”

Everyone has an opinion on Penn State defensive tackle Anthony Zettel, whose tree-tackling, roundhouse-kicking, golf-ball-hitting antics have made him a social media sensation this summer

ESPN even did a live interview with the Nittany Lions’ returning All-Big Ten pick to talk about the viral videos of him, and for some reason Zettel ended up doing impressions of a dying pig and Big Foot right there live on national TV.

But even before the ESPN spot, Penn State coach James Franklin summed up Zettel more perfectly than anyone else.

“He’s kind of a unique guy,” Franklin said at Big Ten Media Days a few weeks ago. “He’s somewhat strange, in a very lovable way.”

There was more.

“He's aggressive,” Franklin said. “He’s popular. The guys (on the team) really like him. He’s one of those guys you love to have on your team, because he keeps it light and he keeps it interesting and he has a lot of fun.”

Franklin was clearly having fun when he called his star defensive tackle “strange.” You can see the coach talking about Zettel at length in the video above.

And don’t worry, Zettel had a chance to respond to Franklin’s “strange” comment. Stay tuned for his hilarious rebuttal.

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