DT Anthony Zettel Messes With Franklin's Mind

What did the Nittany Lions' star defensive tackle do that caused his coach not to eat for two days?

At Big Ten Media Days a few weeks ago, Penn State coach James Franklin called Nittany Lion star defensive tackle Anthony Zettel, “Somewhat strange, in a very lovable way.”

Of course, we were not about to let that slide without running to Zettel to tattle

Zettel shrugged it off like a dead tree, and proceeded to say why Franklin may have formed that opinion.

Apparently Zettel’s many skills include taking people — even his head coach — out of their comfort zones. And with Franklin, that was almost too easy.

Above, Zettel explains how he used one simple comment to get into Franklin’s head, which in turn caused Franklin to avoid eating for two days. (The defensive tackle also talks about the excellent relationship he has with his head coach.)

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