New Penn State Gear Truck Hits The Road

Check out the new tractor that will be hauling the Nittany Lions' gear to away games this year, with commentary from special equipment analyst Brad "Spider" Caldwell.

The Penn State football team will travel by bus to Philadelphia Friday afternoon, in advance of the 2015 season-opener against Temple at Lincoln Financial Field the next day.

But the Nittany Lions' equipment will be rolling to Philly earlier Friday. And if you happen to be cruising in that direction, you might just spot a newly retrofitted tractor getting the gear where it needs to be. Hoy Transfer of State College has been transporting PSU football gear since the 1970s.

Kevin Briscoe, who has worked at Hoy since 1985 and has owned the company since 1996, recently retrofitted a 2011 Peterbilt tractor to haul the equipment this year. In true PSU tradition, it is a classic look — white paint with a single blue stripe. The front bumper looks like a facemask. And new blue ground lighting makes the rig pop at night.

Of couse, when it comes to football equipment at Penn State, no discussion is complete without the input of the world's most renowned authority on these matters — former Nittany Lion equipment and facilities coodinator Brad "Spider" Caldwell. Check out the video and Spider's analysis above.

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