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THE LOW FIVE: The Lows From Penn State's Loss

Penn State kicked off the 2015 season on the road in Philadelphia against the Temple Owls. To say it was a lackluster showing by the Nittany Lions is an understatement.

Penn State came out looking solid and ended up looking pathetic. In a 27-10 loss, it's first since 1941, Christian Hackenberg was sacked eight times and went 10 for 22 for 92 yards and an interceptions. 


LOST CAUSE: Any way you cut it, it's a pathetic loss for PSU, but give Temple credit, the team managed its first win since 1941. They wanted it more and outclassed PSU.

BROKEN LINE: Despite having what is thought to be a veteran unit with Penn State's offensive line, they showed they have not made much progress from last season where they gave up 44 sacks. Coughing a sack on a two-man rush? Embarrassing.

DISCONNECTED CALLS: The offensive playcalling was baffling as the PSU staff largely abandonded the deep pass - and for a time seemingly the passing game altogether - particularly as Temple focused on stuffing the box to plug up the running lanes. It would be nice to target a tight end periodically with a high percentage pass or two. Was it shocking that Temple started to figure out the jet-sweep play? The offense looked lost and a lot of it seemingly lies on Coach Donovan's shoulders.

PRESSURE PLAY: Penn State QB, Christian Hackenberg, continues to struggle sensing pressure. Granted, a lot of those breakdowns are on the shoulders of the offensive line, but he fails to get rid of the ball on breakdowns. He looks nowhere near a third year starter and certanly not a first round draft prospect the pundits have been hyping. The staff should hve at least seen what Trace McSorely could do to give him some reps.

STROLLING ALONG: The lacking sense of urgency, particularly at the end of the first half, is another head scratcher. Franklin and company talk about "owning the field," but PSU's offense seemingly had no interest in being aggressive or urgent in their pace.


RUNNING ON EMPTY: On top of the passing woes was a running game that couldn't get going. Outside of a 42-yard touchdown run by Akeel Lynch and two jet-sweeps by Brandon Polk the running game was unimpressive.

DEFENSIVE WOES: Penn State's defensive backs were picked apart a key times where nine receivers for Temple made receptions. While the defensive front looked solid early they fell back on their heels as the game progressed, allowing Temple to get some key pickups up the gut.


There were no highs worthy of mention in this game. If you have any feel free to share the here.

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