Remembering Penn State's Joe Paterno Sparring With The Media

After a loss at Alabama five years ago today, Penn State's Hall of Fame coach was ready to rumble.

Five years ago today, No. 1 Alabama beat No. 18 Penn State 24-3 in Tuscaloosa.

The game was notable for a few reasons. Before it started, Crimson Tide fans gave Nittany Lion coach Joe Paterno multiple ovations. After it was over, they cheered him as he was leaving the field.

Paterno was also a little testy after the game, telling some fool reporter whose shotgun mic was picking up the audio better than his ears to get his hearing checked. Of course, this happened after Paterno could not hear the reporter’s question.

Looking back, five years kind of seems like an eternity now. A lot of things are not the same, including post-game press conferences that could be, well, more exciting than they are today.

Check it out above.

BTW, by the following Tuesday, everyone was laughing about it.

Pat Little

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