Penn State's Zettel Glad He Didn't Maim Barkley...

…and other reactions to the Nittany Lion freshman running back's high-hurdling blockbuster game vs. Buffalo. We know Barkley's life PROBABLY was not in real danger during an earlier encounter with PSU's star DT. But would you have swapped places with him?

So why did Penn State true freshman Saquon Barkley look so at ease while beating up on Buffalo to the tune of 115 yards and a touchdown in a 27-14 win Saturday?

Probably because he's looked serious (or kind-of-serious) danger square in the eye and lived to tell about.

Barkley, you may recall, was the poor guy who was nearly smashed in the face with a water bottle when teammate Anthony Zettel decided to show off his roundhouse kicking skills in the PSU locker room during preseason camp. You can check it out in the video above.

Zettel admits he's happy he did not accidentally hurt Barkley. Other PSU veterans also chime in on Barkley's debut, which included an amazing run during which he hurdled a defender.

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