Penn State Stripe Out Guy Answers Questions

Brad Keen, the Nittany Lions' assistant athletic director for marketing, discusses the new promotion slated for this week's home game with Rutgers.

His name is Brad Keen and his title is Penn State assistant athletic director for marketing.

But for this discussion, lets keep it simple and call him Stripe Out Guy.

Keen, who came to PSU from Wake Forest just less than a year ago, is the point man on the you guessed it … “Stripe Outplanned for the Nittany Lions' night game vs. Rutgers at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

Some fans are being asked to wear white, others blue, with a goal of creating giant stripes in the giant stadium.

Im excited,Keen told reporters Tuesday. Ive worked hard to get here as everyone else has and Ive put a lot of ownership into it. If it works, its great. If not, its gonna be a rough Saturday night.

Keen, who for some reason is not wearing a striped shirt, answers questions about the Stripe Out above.

In the meantime, the most important thing for fans to know is what color they should wear to the game.

You can check what color your section is at

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