Penn State Coach Franklin Addresses Integrity Monitor Statement

The Nittany Lion coach on the report of "tension" between the football program and the university's compliance department.

The third — and as it turns out, final — report of the NCAA “integrity monitor” assigned to keep an eye on reform at Penn State following the Sandusky scandal offered glowing praise of the university. So much so, in fact, that the monitoring will end later this year, two years earlier than called for in the original agreement between PSU, the NCAA and the Big Ten.

But the 55-page report, issued Monday, did include one sentence that raised a few eyebrows.

In addressing the Nittany Lion football program, integrity monitor Charles P. Scheeler wrote, “There is evidence of increased tension, and a mutual lack of trust, between the head football coach and University athletics compliance staff.”

Pretty vague stuff. And to be fair to all parties involved, it did not end with that lone negative comment.

“I have spoken to the athletic director, head football coach, director of ethics and compliance, athletics integrity officer, and athletics compliance staff members about this. All parties acknowledge the problem. Equally important, all parties have expressed a commitment to improving the communications and relationships between one another. This suggests the problem is solvable if the parties honor these commitments.”

So what the heck was that all about?

Second-year PSU football coach James Franklin was asked about it at his weekly press conference Tuesday. See his response above.



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