Penn State WR Godwin Is On A Roll

The Nittany Lions' leading receiver made a stylish entrance into (and out of) Tuesday's press conference at Beaver Stadium. Check it out.

We may have determined one of the reasons sophomore Chris Godwin has emerged as Penn State's top pass-catcher this season, with 14 receptions for 205 yards heading into Saturday's game with San Diego State.

Godwin has fresh legs. 

At Tuesday's press conference at Beaver Stadium, Godwin cruised into the Media Room on a self-balancing mini scooter. If you have not seen one of the contraptions yet, it is kind of a cross between a Segway and a skateboard. Godwin uses his to get around Penn State's sprawling campus.

And that included the walk … er, roll over to Beaver Stadium Tuesday.

Check it out above.

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